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About Specialty Auto Detailing

Located right off Route 6A in Orleans on beautiful Cape Cod, Specialty Auto Detailing is your one-stop source for car washing, waxing, and interior and exterior detailing. Protect your new vehicle investment with our top of the line care-care services, or breath new life into your older vehicle with a wash, wax and interior and exterior detailing. You will be amazed at the difference some TLC can make!

Interior Detailing

Exterior surfaces tend to get the bulk of our time, money, and attention–shiny paint turns heads, after all. But let’s not forget that we spend a significant portion of our lives inside our vehicle. Our car’s interior is not unlike a second bedroom. As such, we believe in making it as clean and comfortable as possible, but without the use of perfumes or heavy chemicals. Our chemical and allergy-free interior cleaning methods will leave your car’s interior spotless and scentless–the way it should be.

Exterior Detailing

Your car is subject to daily abuse from sun, pollution, and dirt–a combination that, with time, will dull and roughen your exterior finish. Other detail shops may be capable of minor cosmetic improvements, but often at the cost of unsightly swirls and scratches through improper buffing techniques. Whatever your situation, returning your car’s exterior paint to its original luster may seem impossible. It isn’t.

Full Service Car Wash

Going to those automated car wash machines may seem fast and efficient, however when it comes to the care of your car it can do more harm than good. Because those machines lack that light touch, their brushes can sometimes chip off your car paint. Moreover, they can never fully remove that stubborn debris that needs more than just soap and water to get off. Specialty Auto Detailing of Orleans will take the time to wash your car thoroughly by hand, concentrating on those areas that need extra care.

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